The Stupid Barry Bonds Prosecution, In A Stupid Nutshell

As you all know, Barry Bonds was convicted yesterday on a single count of rambling in the first degree. (No, seriously. Seven years of this shit, and that's what they got him on — evading a question he ultimately answered. Aggravated incoherence. A felony charge of Not Being Freaking Pericles in the Presence of a… » 4/14/11 11:01am 4/14/11 11:01am

A Look Back At Kimberly Bell's First Attempt At Embarrassing Barry Bonds

Most of us have read over Kimberly Bell's wacky, disturbing revelations from a San Francisco courtroom by now. Playboy writer Steve Pond first nabbed an interview with her in 2007, and she was far more candid in the magazine than she was in her shrunken-testes-laden testimony at Bonds's trial. » 3/29/11 5:10pm 3/29/11 5:10pm