Chat With ESPN NHL Analyst And Former Coach Barry Melrose [UPDATE: THE…

Everyone's favorite hockey analyst, Barry Melrose, is here to answer your questions. Feel free to ask him about his coaching days, what working at ESPN is like, the NHL lockout, mullets, or anything else that your heart desires. And be sure to check out Melrose's new book, Dropping the Gloves: Inside the Fiercely… » 11/09/12 11:58am 11/09/12 11:58am

Barry Melrose Is Not A Fan Of Tampa Bay

Here's something that's been stuck in my craw for a couple of weeks, because I can't quite figure it out. Barry Melrose coached in the NHL for exactly three seasons. In two of them, he missed the playoffs, which was almost impossible in the early '90s NHL. Then he spent 13 years riding an ESPN analyst desk, and… » 12/09/08 6:30pm 12/09/08 6:30pm