Map: Do You Live Near More Bars, Or More Grocery Stores?

Over on Flowing Data, Nathan Yau has put together a new series of maps comparing whether bars or grocery stores are more common in different parts of the country. This is not new territory—Floating Sheep made the original bar/grocery map back in 2010—but there are some nice additions here. Specifically, Yau's data is… » 5/29/14 2:52pm 5/29/14 2:52pm

Map: Over 200 Bars In NYC Worth Drinking At

The designers over at Pop Chart Lab have put together a sharp-looking, albeit somewhat arbitrary map of over 200 "distinguished" New York bars, broken down by category (click here for a larger version). If you have a lot of money and plan on living in the city for a couple years, you should check them all out. » 4/22/14 6:17pm 4/22/14 6:17pm

"Too Much To Drink And Chasing Pussy": A Tour Of The W.V. Bars In Which…

I'm a West Virginia native, and I have been to a great many bars in that state, so I know whereof I speak when I say that Dana Holgorsen, the new, occasionally sober head coach of the Mountaineers, has excellent taste. As you might remember, Holgorsen has been involved in several "alcohol-related incidents" over the… » 6/21/11 12:15pm 6/21/11 12:15pm