Astros GM Denies That Team Was Hacked Because He Used Old Passwords

One of the sillier details from the original report on the Cardinals hacking scandal was that the Cardinals employees who gained access to the Astros’ database did so by using some old passwords that Astros GM Jeff Luhnow had used when he was a Cardinals employee. But now Luhnow is denying that part of the report, and… » 6/18/15 9:52am 6/18/15 9:52am

Ian Desmond Solves The Yips, Personifies Irony, Is Screwed

After starting the season with eight errors in the Nationals’ first 15 games, Ian Desmond’s adventurous play at shortstop has mostly leveled off, to the enormous relief of his teammates and the mild disappointment of fans of slapstick comedy. Two months later he’s sitting on 14 errors, all but ending any hope of… » 6/16/15 3:25pm 6/16/15 3:25pm