Miami Marlins Dump Longtime TV Analyst Tommy Hutton

Tommy Hutton, the former major leaguer who has been the Marlins TV analyst since 1997, was kicked to the curb today, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Jackson, who called Hutton “the best TV analyst in South Florida,” reports that according to Hutton, the Marlins gave him no reason for not renewing his… »11/23/15 8:14pm11/23/15 8:14pm


The Same Scout Once Drafted Both Of Today's Cy Young Winners

Major League Baseball announced the 2015 Cy Young winners tonight. Chicago’s Jake Arrieta topped the L.A. Dodgers duo of Zach Greinke and Clayton Kershaw in the NL, while Houston’s Dallas Keuchel handily beat out Toronto’s David Price in the AL. In an interesting little bit of trivia, the same scout once drafted both… »11/18/15 9:54pm11/18/15 9:54pm

Russell Branyan Arrested For Allegedly Breaking Into Ex-Wife's House, Stealing Stuff, Turning Down The Thermostat

Former Major League Baseball player Russell Branyan was arrested last night in Nashville, Tenn., on a charge of felony aggravated burglary, allegedly of his ex-wife’s home. Russell, who has long owned a home in nearby Franklin, allegedly committed the burglary on Oct. 30. He was released on a $2,500 bond. »11/17/15 5:22pm11/17/15 5:22pm

San Diego Residents Find Their Street Littered With Obscene Objects: 600 Chris Denorfia Bobbleheads

What are you even supposed to do with one Chris Denorfia bobblehead, let alone 600 of them? That’s the dilemma a group of San Diego housemates faced when they went outside one morning and found 600 Chris Denorfia bobbleheads dumped in the middle of their street. Not knowing what else to do, they called the cops, who… »11/13/15 1:29am11/13/15 1:29am

Report: José Reyes Arrested After Allegedly Shoving Wife Into Sliding Glass Door

Colorado Rockies shortstop José Reyes was arrested on Halloween for allegedly grabbing his wife by the throat and shoving her into a sliding glass door, according to TV station KHNL in Hawaii. The alleged assault took place at the Four Seasons Wailea, and Reyes was arrested after security called police, according to… »11/09/15 10:39pm11/09/15 10:39pm

Lance Berkman Is Sick Of All This Goddamn Tolerance

Lance Berkman, a bigoted Mr. Potato Head who learned how to play baseball, recently cut a political ad against an anti-discrimination ordinance that was up for a vote in Houston, Tex. Berkman was against the ordinance because it would allow “troubled men who claim to be women” to enter women’s bathrooms. The ordinance… »11/05/15 9:01am11/05/15 9:01am

Nearly Twice As Many People As Live In Kansas City Attended The Royals' Parade

Kansas City mayor Sly James estimated that 800,000 people turned out to watch the Royals’ championship parade (at least one police sergeant thought it was higher), which is even more impressive when you realize that Kansas City’s population is just 470,000. But while it’s one thing to hear a number like 800,000, it’s… »11/03/15 8:30pm11/03/15 8:30pm

Dusty Baker Named Washington Nationals Manager After They Cheap Out On Bud Black

Last Wednesday Bud Black agreed to become the Washington Nationals manager, with seemingly everything wrapped up and just the i’s to dot and the t’s to cross. It was such a done deal that the Washington Post was writing articles with headlines like “What’s next after the Nationals’ hiring of Bud Black?” This morning… »11/03/15 8:11am11/03/15 8:11am

Royals Toy With Mets Like A Cat With A Mouse, Kill Them, Win Series

With the Mets up 2-0 in the bottom of the eighth, manager Terry Collins and ace Matt Harvey argued about whether Harvey would pitch the ninth. He’d pitched a four-hit shutout up to that point, on 102 pitches, a high but not unreasonable number. Of course, the health of Harvey, who underwent Tommy John surgery in 2013… »11/02/15 12:31am11/02/15 12:31am

Pete Rose Is Leaving The World Series To Go Sign Autographs In Las Vegas

Did you like Pete Rose’s commentary work during the World Series? Well, either way, he didn’t work last night’s Game 4, and you won’t have a chance to see him work any more games for Fox. As it turns out, Rose left the booth rather suddenly—in the middle of the World Series—due to a “prior commitment.” »11/01/15 11:25am11/01/15 11:25am