According To Exit Polls, These Four Players Will Make The Hall Of Fame

The 2014 inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame will be announced next Wednesday. As of today, 101 sportswriters (of the 600-something eligible) have publicly shared their votes. Projecting from those ballots, four players will make it to Cooperstown, and a fifth will fall just short. » 1/02/14 4:46pm 1/02/14 4:46pm

Hall Of Fame Voters Are Pickier Than They've Ever Been

Dave Cameron at FanGraphs has discovered something fascinating. Breaking down the number of men to play in the major leagues and the number of Hall of Famers by their birth year, he found that HOF electors have been remarkably consistent in the percentage of players they elect—roughly one percent to two percent of… » 12/19/13 3:36pm 12/19/13 3:36pm

Jack Morris Voter Hates What He Doesn't Understand (Numbers)

You want to list Jack Morris on your Hall of Fame ballot? Fine. You want to vote for Jack Morris and not offer a public explanation? Go for it, it's your vote! But when a BBWAA member announces his vote for Jack Morris, citing as a sabermetrics flaw a specific thing that sabermetrics do very well, that's worth a… » 12/19/13 1:13pm 12/19/13 1:13pm

Hall Of Fame Expert Predicts Only One Player Will Make It This Year

Bill Deane is a former senior research associate at the Baseball Hall of Fame. For more than three decades, he's been predicting who'll make it into the HOF, who won't, and what their vote percentages will be. On borderline cases—those within 10 percent of the 75-percent cutoff—he's batting .806. So who does Deane… » 12/17/13 4:11pm 12/17/13 4:11pm

Having A Hall Of Fame Vote Turned Me Into A Monster

I clicked open the post and prepared to cast my vote for who makes it onto our Hall of Fame ballot. I figured, there are about 10 no-doubters, 20 no-chance-in-hellers, and a handful of tough calls. I could knock this out in a minute. I scrolled down to see who I'd be voting on, and I halted at the poll for, of all… » 12/06/13 2:53pm 12/06/13 2:53pm