Last Night's White Sox-Royals Brawl Was A Photographer's Delight

If we’re being honest, the true heroes of last night’s awesome White Sox vs. Royals brawl weren’t the players on the field. Yordano Ventura’s quick-pitching and foul mouth may have started the whole thing, and Jeff Samardzija may have done more than his part to turn it into a riot, but their work was easily trumped by… »4/24/15 11:40am4/24/15 11:40am

The Nationals And Cubs Need To Work On Their Bench-Clearing Brawl Technique

#NATITUDE was on full display tonight at Nationals Park as an inside pitch to Bryce Harper, preceded by some jawing between Nationals third base coach Bo Porter and Cubs bench coach Jamie Quirk, led to perhaps the most anticlimactic bench-clearing brawl in baseball history. Lots of pushing, some yelling, bullpens… »9/06/12 11:31pm9/06/12 11:31pm

San Francisco Police Dressing Up As Dodger Fans Is Totally Not Entrapment Somehow

The Dodgers and Giants meet up again at AT&T Park starting tonight, which means there will be fights between Dodger and Giant fans in the stands, in the parking lot, in the gift shops probably. It just happens, it's been this way for years, and this blood feud will surely outlive us all. However, city leaders plan to… »6/26/12 9:20pm6/26/12 9:20pm

An Ugly High School Baseball Brawl In Which Nobody Looks Good (NSFW)

On the one hand, you have the Yuba City junior varsity players (in yellow) sucker-punching opposing players and then threatening coaches as their parents storm the field in protest. On the other hand, you have the Del Campo parents yelling things like "Go back to your farmland!" Even the giggly videographer seems a… »4/03/12 11:05pm4/03/12 11:05pm