22 Years Ago Today, Nolan Ryan Beat The Shit Out Of Robin Ventura

You charge the mound because you’re furious. Because you want to hurt someone. You know you’ll be ejected, fined, suspended, but it’s all worth it for brief taste of revenge. You never do it thinking that it all might go horribly wrong, and you might wind up on the receiving end of one of the most iconic beatdowns in… »8/04/15 1:26pm8/04/15 1:26pm

Cubs' And Marlins' Benches Clear, And Everyone Immediately Apologizes 

There were no punches thrown in the sixth-inning scrum during last night’s 7-3 Marlins win, and both sides quickly headed back to their own dugouts. In fact, it might have been one of the politest bench-clearings of all time, as the main instigator, Cubs outfielder Junior Lake, apologized unreservedly afterward. Heck,… »6/04/15 8:50am6/04/15 8:50am

14 Innings And A Bench-Clearing Scrap: Just A Typical Red Sox-Rays Game

A nationally televised game that saw Tampa Bay overcome a 6-0 deficit, Boston take—and blow—a two-run 10th-inning lead, and a final out that wouldn't come until after midnight, and still all anyone could talk about was John Lackey plunking Matt Joyce. Here's a bold statement: Boston-Tampa Bay is the fiercest AL East… »6/11/13 9:09am6/11/13 9:09am

Since Robin Ventura's Back In Baseball, The Rangers Will Stop Showing That Video Of Nolan Ryan Beating Him Up

Last year, Texas showed the famous 1993 brawl between the Rangers and White Sox before every single game. Maybe you think it's weird for a team to air highlights of their president and CEO, but then again your team's president and CEO has probably never pummeled a man. (Unless you're a Marlins fan, in which case… »3/09/12 9:45am3/09/12 9:45am