It’d Take Trey Parker A Million Years To Lose, And Other Statistical Oddities Of BASEketball

This is Regressing, a numbers-minded column by our clever friends at the Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective. Over the next few days, they'll be applying rigorous statistical analysis to some of the finest basketball movies in the history of cinema (and also Hoosiers). Today: The offensively minded BASEketball. »3/23/11 12:30pm3/23/11 12:30pm


Which Is The Best Fictional Sports Jersey Of All Time?

This is a bit old, but it needs to be addressed. Someone has posted what they purport to be a list of the top 10 fictional sports jerseys of all time. But by any standard the list is sadly lacking; only a couple of these should even make the top 25 (grumble, grumble get off my lawn). Also, the Dallas Knights jersey at… »12/07/07 3:45pm12/07/07 3:45pm