David Stern Doesn't Have A Problem With Shitty Basketball Games; He Has A Problem With Honesty

When Gregg Popovich decided to rest four of the Spurs' best players last night—a decision made well in advance of their game against the Heat, if Pop is to be believed—he took all the air out of a hotly anticipated, nationally televised contest. In the kindest light, it was a savvy move by Popovich designed to keep… »11/30/12 11:24am11/30/12 11:24am


David Stern Did The Right Thing With Chris Paul

That's a painful headline to write, and especially inconceivable after the histrionics that followed the NBA's veto of a deal that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers last week. It was a power trip, a violation of Dell Demps's autonomy, and maybe even an anti-trust violation: and as it turns out, a shrewd move by… »12/15/11 1:30pm12/15/11 1:30pm

Chris Paul Headed To The Clippers, For Real This Time

Marc Stein is first to the post with news that the Clippers caved and will include Eric Gordon in a deal for Chris Paul, as long as Neil Olshey says "no takesies backsies" before David Stern can veto. The haul is pretty good for New Orleans: Gordon, Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu, and Minnesota's first-round pick. Paul… »12/14/11 7:18pm12/14/11 7:18pm

Aborted Chris Paul Trade Cannot Be Appealed, Because It Was Technically The Hornets Who Backed Out

Despite Dell Demps nominally having full authority to make player moves, it was pressure from other owners (and therefore the owners of the Hornets) that killed the Chris Paul deal last night. So this was never a completed trade vetoed by the league—for litigation purposes, this was a trade that one side chose not to… »12/09/11 4:45pm12/09/11 4:45pm

And Now The Magic May File Tampering Charges Against Teams Talking To Dwight Howard

Everything is happening. David Aldridge reports that the Orlando Magic are considering filing tampering charges against two other teams for having contact with Dwight Howard. SI's Sam Amick says the teams are Houston and New Jersey, and that Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov may have met with Howard yesterday. »12/09/11 12:45pm12/09/11 12:45pm

After Last Night's Botched Trade, Danny Granger Says He's Changing His Name To "Stern's Bi#&h"

If you were following the whirlwind that came with last night's planned, and then nixed three-team trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, you probably caught some of the athlete reactions. Paul, going for subtlety, tweeted, "WoW," while Lamar Odom—after a teary interview with Stephen A. Smith—told the … »12/09/11 11:25am12/09/11 11:25am

Chris Paul Will Reportedly Go To The Lakers In A Three-Team Trade

The NBA lockout officially ended this evening, when the players and owners ratified the new CBA in Manhattan, and everything else has already fallen back into place: The Clippers signed Caron Butler to a $24 million deal, the Knicks lost out on an opportunity to sign a great point guard, and the Lakers won everything.… »12/08/11 7:10pm12/08/11 7:10pm