Rogue Boob Makes Surprise Appearance on Wedding Ringer Red Carpet

Laura Govan, of Basketball Wives L.A. fame, was just hanging out, looking fabulous and free while walking the red carpet at the premiere for The Wedding Ringer when one of her boobs decided to take a NSFW jaunt. » 1/07/15 6:05pm 1/07/15 6:05pm

Can We Talk About The Real Vanessa Bryant Quote That Makes Her Sound…

There's a New York Magazine article out on the perks and challenges of being a basketball wife, and it's required reading as long as you can get through sentences like these without killing yourself: » 8/17/12 1:25pm 8/17/12 1:25pm

Ladies, Chad Ochocinco's Marriage Proposal Will Have You Sopping Wet

Chad Ochocinco proposed to model/TV person/Antoine Walker-dater Evelyn Lozada back in November of 2010, with the wedding set for next week. But the details of the actual proposal have gone shrouded in secrecy, until Lozada spilled the beans on a radio interview last week. » 6/27/12 6:30pm 6/27/12 6:30pm

Gilbert Arenas's Ex Can Appear On "Basketball Wives" In Part Because…

Gilbert Arenas did not want his former fiancé Laura Govan to appear on VH1's "Basketball Wives" or mention his name on it. So, he sued. » 8/24/11 11:45pm 8/24/11 11:45pm

Gilbert Arenas Talks About His "Bum" Of A Baby Mama And Dead Pet Sharks

In the wake of getting served with child-support papers at halftime of a Magic/Wizards game, Gilbert Arenas is rather perturbed about his baby mama Laura Govan's approach to public shaming. So says a source in the D.C. media, who was kind enough to share straight-from-the-mouth-of-Arenas thoughts on Govan — sister of » 2/13/11 2:30pm 2/13/11 2:30pm