Upgrading to a Rainfall Showerhead is Cheaper Than You'd Think

The first thing you should do upon moving into a new house or apartment is rip the showerhead off the wall and replace it with something decent. If you haven't gotten around to that yet, this 8" rainfall showerhead from A-Flow has fantastic reviews, great looks, and a $20 price tag today. That's $10 less than… »4/15/15 11:25pm4/15/15 11:25pm

Wrigley Field Bathrooms Will Be Ready Next Month, Maybe

Thanks to a rainout without rain, today is Game No. 2 for Wrigley Field, which revealed on opening night that its renovations had left it painfully, pants-pissingly short of functional bathrooms. The Cubs have addressed the situation by trucking in 72 portable toilets, to be split between the left-field concourse and… »4/08/15 3:55pm4/08/15 3:55pm