Run The Jules: Your Guide To The USMNT's Newest (Maybe?) Star

During last night's USA-Mexico friendly, USMNT fans finally got a glimpse of Julian Green, the 18-year-old superstar-in-the-making(?) who spurned Germany to play for the US. The massive excitement at his arrival is matched only by the massive amount we don't know about him. Who is this guy? Is he really that good? What … » 4/03/14 11:37am 4/03/14 11:37am

Arjen Robben Carries FC Bayern To Champions League Glory

Bayern Munich just knocked off German rivals Borussia Dortmund, 2-1, in the Champions League final after Bayern winger Arjen Robben scored in the 89th minute to win the match. It was maybe the best possible end to an action-packed match that was open and free-flowing from the opening whistle. It was also the best… » 5/25/13 8:33pm 5/25/13 8:33pm

Bayern Demolish Barcelona In A Changing Of The Guard

In the first leg of last night's Champions League semifinal, the world witnessed a coup that was anything but graceful. For Barcelona, it was painful, tragic, vaguely horrifying. It was violent. After five years of undisputed domination, Barça were not allowed to simply fade away, to retire back to Spain. Over a… » 4/24/13 4:51pm 4/24/13 4:51pm

Mario Gomez Had A Messi-Like Four Goals In Yesterday's Champions League …

Bayern Munich's Mario Gomez snuffed out Swiss side Basel's underdog dreams in the UEFA Champions League with a four-goal performance yesterday (courtesy a lot of help from Franck Ribery). Coming so soon after Lionel Messi's five-goal CL spectacular, comparisons were inevitable. Nonsense, says Gomez: » 3/14/12 4:00pm 3/14/12 4:00pm

Bayern Munich Unveils New Soccer Uniforms With Models and Techno Dance

Sometimes we think that American sports teams have lost all grip with reality. Then we get a video like this from Europe. Honestly, I'm almost speechless. My favorite thing from this video, and there are many, is the photographers jostling with one another to get the perfect shot. If you were a photographer and … » 7/29/08 1:45pm 7/29/08 1:45pm