Watch Auburn Fans, Announcers In Slow Meltdown As BCS Title Slips Away

ESPN did an enormous public service last night in offering a video feed trained on fans in Tallahassee and Auburn watching last night's BCS Championship game. Here are some clips of Auburn fans watching their title dreams disappear, matched up with Auburn IMG Sports Network radio announcer Rod Bramblett's solemn… »1/07/14 1:55pm1/07/14 1:55pm

Corso, Saban, Red Lightning All Cameo In Title Game's Turning Point

For most of the first half last night, Auburn looked unbeatable while Florida State looked like a team that spent its season beating up on nobodies. Just before halftime, that changed. A masterful Jameis Winston scramble on third down sparked FSU's first touchdown, one that cut the Tigers' lead to 11 and suggested… »1/07/14 11:30am1/07/14 11:30am

By Any Rational Measure, FSU Is The Better Team. So What?

College bowl games are far too fleeting and superfluous to serve as the basis for any lasting conclusions, even about the teams playing in them. In fact, if the 2013-14 bowl season has taught us anything–and I'd really prefer that it hasn't, but if it has, in spite of itself–it is that attempting to predict these… »1/06/14 5:48pm1/06/14 5:48pm

Manti Te'o's Father Wants You To Unsubscribe From The Honolulu Star-Advertiser Because It Printed A Picture Of His Son Missing A Tackle

Yesterday, Brian Te'o, father of Notre Dame linebacker and Heisman candidate Manti Te'o, took to the Manti Te'o "Official" Fan Club on Facebook, which he apparently runs or has access to, to complain about the Honolulu Star-Advertiser's decision to put an AP photo of Manti Te'o, being bowled over by Eddie Lacy during… »1/12/13 11:50am1/12/13 11:50am

Here Is The Most Entertaining Moment Of Alabama's Dismantling Of Notre Dame

This game had nothing. It was dead on arrival. Maybe there were some moments—Brent Musberger salivating all over A.J. McCarron's girlfriend or McCarron getting shoved by his own center come to mind. But there was not a single entertaining moment until Nick Saban grimaced through his Gatorade bath. His entire body… »1/08/13 8:45am1/08/13 8:45am

Alabama's Justice System Entirely Revolves Around Alabama Football

The Birmingham News reports that an Alabama civil court trial, set to begin on Jan. 7 (also and far more widely known as the day of the BCS championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame) has been postponed because one of the lawyers really, really likes Alabama football. An Alabama football fan in Alabama? No way. »12/29/12 1:35pm12/29/12 1:35pm

AP: Upstart Regional School Has The Honor Of Playing Notre Dame For A National Title

Yes, there is no higher merriment in college football than making fun of Notre Dame. But let's not overlook the joys of taunting the other side of the BCS championship matchup. If only there had been a giant sphygmomanometer hooked up to the deep Confederacy last night, to record the mass blood-pressure spike when the… »12/03/12 11:30am12/03/12 11:30am