Hugs For Everyone

Because not only have Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow won their second national championship together, but this not-so-well-received live blog format is over for tonight. Thanks for following along, if you found it. » 1/08/09 11:48pm 1/08/09 11:48pm

Also He Got An A-Minus On A Spelling Test In Fourth Grade

A taunting penalty on Tim Tebow "might've been the first thing he's ever done wrong," loosely sayeth Brennaman's co-crusher Charles Davis. Other things he did wrong: two interceptions tonight. » 1/08/09 11:44pm 1/08/09 11:44pm

Thom Brennaman Really, Really, Really, Really, REALLY Likes Tim Tebow

But he also gives that much praise to his wife's apple cobbler. "You spend five minutes with this dessert and you'll be impressed." » 1/08/09 11:37pm 1/08/09 11:37pm

Jump Pass; Not Just For Third Grade Nerf Basketball Games Anymore;…

I thought this game was missing something. Only thing left is "no tap backs." With three minutes left, this game looks more done than my overcooked Applebee's hamburger. » 1/08/09 11:34pm 1/08/09 11:34pm

As The Grass Stains Accumulate, So Do The Clutch Throws

Despite penalties and negative yardage plays, huge pass from Tebow to his disciples are keeping the ball out of the Sooners' (read: evil Wiccans') hands. » 1/08/09 11:29pm 1/08/09 11:29pm

And Somewhere, Billy Sims Has Nothing To Say

The Sam Bradford pass was caught by Iglesias but stolen away by Ahmad Black. And yes, they reviewed the play. I just don't know how they decide these things. » 1/08/09 11:23pm 1/08/09 11:23pm

Oh, By The Way, A Field Goal Makes It 17-14 Gators

But they're still on that whistle Tebow heard. Figures that since Tebow heard it, and he wouldn't lie to us (♥♥♥), that we all heard it too. » 1/08/09 11:19pm 1/08/09 11:19pm

If This Goes To OT, Just Have Percy Harvin And Chris Brown Run A 5K

Harvin runs the ball to the 26-yard line, and follows that up with another first down run. And you wanted to talk about the quarterbacks! » 1/08/09 11:10pm 1/08/09 11:10pm

Now That's What I Call A Blocked Punt Kick: Volume 2

This time the Florida special teamers are allowed to piledrive the helpless punter placekicker into the ground. The Gators recover the ball in great position. (Their center's hand.) » 1/08/09 10:50pm 1/08/09 10:50pm

Oklahoma Gets Flagged For Face Mask

Total yards lost: one yard. Shit, if that was the penalty, I'd face mask every time, y'know, just to scare them. This concludes this episode of "Internet Tough Guy." » 1/08/09 10:41pm 1/08/09 10:41pm

There's A Fair-Haired White Wide Receiver For Florida That I Haven't…

His name is Riley Cooper and he has extremely long blond locks. Exactly how has he not become this team's Wes Welker and therefore the subject of at least half the human interest stories? » 1/08/09 10:37pm 1/08/09 10:37pm