The BCS Trophy Is Touring Alabama, And We Need Your Help

We've made it a little tradition around here to gather photographs from the BCS Coaches' Trophy's annual superstore tour of Alabama. (See last year's delightful gallery of Auburn fans at Walmart.) This year's a little different. Sadly, Walmart is out, but two supermarkets and a sporting goods store are in. » 1/12/12 12:40pm 1/12/12 12:40pm

When Auburn Fans Descend On Walmart

The BCS Trophy made a triumphant tour of Alabama Walmarts, and Deadspin operative Cody was there to document it. With apologies to People Of Walmart, we proudly present War Eagle Nation, in its natural habitat. » 1/17/11 11:40am 1/17/11 11:40am

Alabama Celebrates As Only Alabama Can (Updates)

With the Coaches' Trophy on display at Tuscaloosa Walmarts, we're awash in photos of Alabama goobers posing with a crystal egg in front of Dr Pepper pyramids. Send us any more you can find, and we'll add to our gallery. » 1/10/10 12:15pm 1/10/10 12:15pm