We're Searching For The Greatest Clip In College Gameday History

Back when I was going to school in the early 1990s, watching College GameDay was one of the highlights of my week. It still remains a rare diamond in the ESPN shitpile, left relatively unchanged since the early days of Chris, Lee, and Kirk (adding Desmond Howard to the mix was bullshit). But the show was at its… » 10/11/12 1:25pm 10/11/12 1:25pm

ESPN's Beano Cook Is Dead At 81

Beano Cook, an eminence grise of college football—the closest thing ESPN had to Andy Rooney—died in his sleep last night at 81. Cook went to Pitt and worked there for a decade in sports publicity. While he was at CBS in 1981, he uttered his most celebrated bit of wisdom. Bowie Kuhn had just given the Iranian hostages… » 10/11/12 12:35pm 10/11/12 12:35pm