Jaromir Jagr's Playoff Beard Is Way Too Much

There are some things Jaromir Jagr is unmistakably great at. Playing hockey, for instance—which Jagr does especially well, even now, at the age of 41. When he puts his hips out and leans forward, with his body between the defender and the puck, no one can dream of filching possession. He may have been the greatest… » 6/11/13 5:45pm 6/11/13 5:45pm

Goodbye, Dirk Nowitzki's Out-Of-Control Beard

The damn thing lasted almost three months. The Mavericks swore to grow beards, bushy, unwieldy beards, until they got to .500. It wasn't easy, but with last night's win, the Mavs have crawled all the way back to respectability. As soon as the buzzer sounded, Dirk Nowitzki, the mountain manliest of Dallas's mountain… » 4/15/13 8:51am 4/15/13 8:51am

Brett Keisel's Neptunian Beard Will Be Forever Commemorated On This…

Johnny Menesini, a caterer from Pittsburgh, had Brett Keisel's bearded mug (which is no longer so bearded) tattooed on his forearm recently. We must say that it looks very nice — despite being a giant face on an elbow crease. » 6/15/11 6:00pm 6/15/11 6:00pm

TJ Duckett, Out Of Football For Two Years, Will Shave Beard For Charity

T.J. Duckett, known best to you as the guy who'd replace an easily-winded Warrick Dunn in Madden '05, told the Huffington Post, in an exclusive interview, that he will shave his beard of two years and donate the proceeds to charity. » 3/22/11 10:00pm 3/22/11 10:00pm

Pittsburgh's Brett Keisel Will Shear His Neptunian Beard For Charity

Brett Keisel of the Steelers will be de-bearded for charity on Thursday, Feb. 24 at the Diesel Club Lounge in Pittsburgh. The $25 tickets will benefit the Children's Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh's Medical Center, and if anyone feels the need to truly commemorate the occasion, there will be "before-and-after"… » 2/18/11 3:10pm 2/18/11 3:10pm