Canned Beer Is The Best Beer

Although I've recently moved into an apartment with three ceiling fans, seven windows, and a bedroom door, I do not consider myself a wealthy man. But every Thursday, my wife comes into a little bit of money, and if I time the transaction just right, I can occasionally buy something useful before she blows it all on… » 3/28/14 4:12pm 3/28/14 4:12pm

This Tool Will Match You With The Perfect Minnesotan Beer

If you liked Beervis's interactive chart—and if you live in or around Minnesota—you should go check out the excellent "Beer Me, Minnesota!" local beer matcher, released yesterday by the Star Tribune. Simply adjust your taste/color/smell preferences on the five sliding scales pictured above, and the app will find the best … » 3/14/14 12:47pm 3/14/14 12:47pm

Fans Sue Arena After Video Reveals Large And Small Beers Are Same Size

Above is a video taken Saturday night at an ECHL Idaho Steelheads game. It shows fans pouring a $7 large beer into a $4 small cup, and discovering that each holds exactly the same amount of liquid. Now the arena is facing a lawsuit, because rule number one in sports is that you don't shortchange hockey fans on beer. » 3/13/14 8:37am 3/13/14 8:37am

Russian Beers, Ranked

When we think of Russian drinking customs, we like to envision steely-eyed, furry-hatted folk guzzling vodka with silent partners, grim determination, and maybe a pickle. That image has a certain nihilistic charm. It's less romantic to acknowledge that too many of these sad bastards wind up taking fatal snowbank naps… » 2/21/14 5:00pm 2/21/14 5:00pm

Russian Olympic Beer Cans Are Dripping With Testosterone

The Washington Post's Rick Maese brings us this photo of Russian beer that can be purchased at the Sochi Olympics. As Maese points out on his Instagram page, that appears to be a Russian hockey player stealing a pretty ice skater from the defeated Canadian hockey team. You may question Russia's competence as an Olympic … » 2/07/14 11:59am 2/07/14 11:59am

Over 2,500 American Breweries, On One Enormous Map

Continuing its excellent graphic beer coverage, Pop Chart Lab has put together a wall map of over 2,500 breweries across the United States. There are plenty of pockets of intense brewing activity—which are exactly where you'd expect them to be—but what's more fascinating are the lone outposts of production: Big Bend in … » 1/13/14 2:10pm 1/13/14 2:10pm

I Drank a $200 Bottle of Sam Adams For Science

To some, beer is something you just swill down while watching football, and flavor is a distant after-thought. But others will sip and savor a beer, picking it apart like a connoisseur of fine wines. Those that comfortably sit in that second category won't think twice about dropping some hard-earned money on a bottle… » 11/22/13 6:26pm 11/22/13 6:26pm

How To Make Pumpkin Beer Bread, Because Autumn And Because Beer

It's almost impossible these days to talk about autumn without talking about pumpkin-flavored this and pumpkin-flavored that. For which, one can presume, we have Starbucks to thank. And you know? Pumpkin may not be your thing (it is not particularly my thing), but we can all agree that the existence of pumpkin-flavored … » 10/31/13 3:38pm 10/31/13 3:38pm

Chart: 71 Fictional Beers

Not content with mapping out over 500 actual beers, Pop Chart Lab has now cataloged 71 fictitious beers and beer-like substances from popular media. Everyone's heard of Butterbeer, but did you know about Heisler—an in-house fake beer from prop supplier Independent Studio Services—has been used in Desperate Housewives, » 10/21/13 3:42pm 10/21/13 3:42pm

The Taxonomy Of Brewing: 500 Beers On One Ridiculous Chart

Updating their 2010 and 2011 offerings, Pop Chart Lab has released "The Magnificent Multitude of Beer," a 60'' x 40'' print/chart detailing dozens of brewing styles and sub-styles, as well as over 500 individual beers (click here for a larger version). » 10/01/13 2:25pm 10/01/13 2:25pm

Infographic: Which MLB Team Has The Most Expensive Beer, Per Ounce?

We've given plenty of grief to the Yankees for their misleading advertising, but new data from the Team Marketing Report—which tracks sports attendance costs for its annual fan index—show that Boston has the most expensive beer at $0.60 an ounce, followed by St. Louis, Toronto, and Washington. The Angels, Diamondbacks, … » 9/04/13 4:37pm 9/04/13 4:37pm