Stephon Marbury Refuses To Do Interviews Unless He Gets The Cover Of Sports Illustrated

There are tons of lovable little nuggets in this piece on Marbury and how the mercurial outcast has somehow become the most beloved foreign player in Chinese basketball history. But our absolute favorite—that he turned down multiple interview requests unless he would be SI's cover boy—is vintage Marbury:… »3/22/12 10:55am3/22/12 10:55am

J.R. Smith Shattered Three Pairs Of Ankles (Including Stephon Marbury's) In A Single CBA Game

Here is video evidence that J.R. Smith's extended stay in China has, statistically speaking, involved more broken ankles than brawls spearheaded by his sister. Heart of Beijing has dutifully compiled video of three incidents: The first you see here actually caused an injury, and the final step-back took out Stephon… »1/19/12 10:30am1/19/12 10:30am