A Belgian Beer From Quebec, Perfect For The End Of The World

This marks the first year in at least the past 10 that I have not resolved to learn even the basics of a foreign language. My monolinguism is deplorable, considering that I aim to communicate for a living and have had plenty of opportunity to learn other tongues over the years. But I've never made any real progress,… »1/15/15 1:05pm

Yes, Tim Howard Really Was As Great As He Seemed Yesterday

As close as the USMNT came to dragging Belgium to penalties during its second half of extra time fury, we have to remember that our team had no business being in that position. With the quality of chances Belgium created throughout the match's 120 minutes, they should've scored early and often. They did not, only… »7/02/14 4:11pm

Allow This Hype Video To Get You So Damn Pumped For U.S.A.-Belgium

So listen, this is pretty much the only time that we Americans really get to claim ourselves as honest-t0-God underdogs. This status comes with certain perks, like the ability to watch the hype video above—which is very concerned with BEATING THE ODDS and FLIPPING THE DAMN SCRIPT—and not feel like a phony for getting… »7/01/14 9:40am