33 Bowl Games Ranked As If They Were Dishes

The custom of calling post-season collegiate contests "bowl" games stems from the granddaddy of them all, the Rose Bowl, so-called for the eponymous bowl-shaped stadium. But our first association with the word "bowl" of course is as a container, most often for food, keys, change, or cereal milk and cigarette ashes and… » 12/29/12 3:42pm 12/29/12 3:42pm

Duke's Punter Kicked A Ball 79 Yards In The Belk Bowl

One week after being named to Phil Steele's Freshman All-America list, Duke punter Will Monday showed the world why Blue Devils fans have a reason to be excited at the prospect of a fourth-and-long. In the second quarter of tonight's Belk Bowl matchup against Cincinnati, Monday booted a ball that danced along the… » 12/27/12 8:47pm 12/27/12 8:47pm