The Red Sox Will Use All That Uncommitted Money Burning A Hole In Their Pocket

Remember when the Red Sox traded Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Nick Punto (ha, Nick Punto) to the Dodgers for some prospects, James Loney and salary relief? A quarter-billion dollars worth of salary relief? Look at all that spendable money floating around. Right now, $45 million is committed to theā€¦ »11/15/12 6:45pm11/15/12 6:45pm


Bobby Valentine Expects To Be Back Next Year. Ben Cherington Is Already Thinking About His Next Manager Search. The Red Sox Are Fantastic.

We thought we ought to check in with the Red Sox, just a year removed from being the Best Team Ever. (Seriously, will this cover ever get old?) Yesterday was the season's final game at Fenway, and to celebrate the Sox held a ceremony honoring their All-Fenway Team. »9/27/12 2:35pm9/27/12 2:35pm