Welcome Back, "30 For 30": In Praise Of ESPN's Documentary Series

When Will Leitch started Deadspin, his guiding principal—beyond a belief that he could get the whole world to refer to the Arizona Cardinals as the Buzzsaw—was that sports, in the grand scheme of things, aren't that important. Yes, there's lots of money spent on them, and when your team wins the World Series it's the… » 9/27/12 6:40pm 9/27/12 6:40pm

Watch Your Beer Around Carl Lewis

The first time we ever remember hearing about steroids, as far as we can recollect, was Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, a guilty finding made all the more hilarious because he's Canadian. (Kind of.) Well, over the weekend, Johnson revealed that he has finally, 18 years later, figured out who famously doped his pre-race… » 12/04/06 3:15pm 12/04/06 3:15pm