Darryl Sutter Uses Every Trick In The (Rule)book To Gain An Edge

It was, depending on your philosophies on hockey and on life, either a low-down attempt to rattle a goalie's concentration with a ticky-tack stoppage, or a completely valid demand that everyone play within the rules. But there's no question that Darryl Sutter pointing out the technically illegal orange tape on Ben… »12/31/14 10:00am12/31/14 10:00am


You Can't Lose A Playoff Hockey Game More Excruciatingly Than This

I've probably watched this video 10 times, and I still can't understand how the puck, shot from the red line, hits the side boards in the corner, and somehow finds its way back to the goal mouth and into the net. In a 0-0 game. In overtime. In the AHL Calder Cup finals. On a goal that may have been illegal. »6/08/12 12:05am6/08/12 12:05am