Here's How Fox Avoided A Fine From The FCC Last Night When Nate Diaz Flipped Off Benson Henderson

This isn't the first time Nate Diaz has flipped off an opponent in the middle of a match, nor the first time he's shown his propensity for flipping people off—that's what Nate and his brother Nick do. Those guys just love flipping the bird. Nonetheless, Fox was caught off-guard, unless the contingency plan all along… »12/09/12 3:15pm12/09/12 3:15pm


Ben Henderson Severely Messed Up Frankie Edgar's Face En Route To Winning The UFC Lightweight Belt

In one of UFC's better title fights of late, Benson Henderson claimed the lightweight belt as he won a unanimous decision over Frankie Edgar at UFC 144 in Tokyo Saturday night. His ability to seize victory came in no small part to this perfectly-placed second-round upkick that mangled Edgar's face, leaving the… »2/26/12 2:06am2/26/12 2:06am