Better Dirty Than Humbled: The Lights Go Down On The Bernard Hopkins Show

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.—For years, Bernard Hopkins has entered the ring for each of his fights wearing a black balaclava, only his eyes visible, arms crossed overhead in an "X" to signify his nickname, "The Executioner." Outside the ring, he's a chatty bald man with a flattened nose and kindly eyes, now given, at his… »4/30/12 11:24am4/30/12 11:24am

Bernard Hopkins Is Pleased He Has His WBC Championship Belt Back

"The World Boxing Council on Thursday ruled Chad Dawson did not defeat light-heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins by technical knockout, as officials working the Saturday fight at Staples Center ruled. Instead, the WBC ruled the outcome was a technical draw, allowing Hopkins, 46, to keep his belt. 'I'm obviously… »10/20/11 10:30pm10/20/11 10:30pm

This 36-Second Lady Fight Should Suffice For Those Unwilling To Pay For Hopkins/Dawson Tonight

This here fracas is titled "GIRLS FIGHT TILL THE FINISH!!!!!!!!" but unless "TILL THE FINISH!!!!!!!!" means "until one decides it's time to sashay back inside," this really doesn't make the first lick of sense. Same way I feel about paying $59.95 when I can just watch Bernard Hopkins beat Chad Dawson next week fa… »10/15/11 7:15pm10/15/11 7:15pm

They're Making A Full-Body Wax Casting Of Bernard Hopkins For Display In An "Odditorium"

Hot off the presses from Bernard Hopkins's press folks and the good people from Ripley's Believe It Or Not is word that the boxer has committed to a two-day appearance in the F/X department at Ripley's world headquarters in Orlando. There, on Monday and Tuesday, he will "begin the tedious task of having a full body… »7/14/11 9:45pm7/14/11 9:45pm

Bernard Hopkins Finally Explains His Loathing For Donovan McNabb And How He Can "Look Through A Man's Soul"

You might recall that before he became the oldest boxing champ in history last weekend, Bernard Hopkins had some choice words for Donovan McNabb, who never had much truck with the boxer, aside from neglecting to shake his hand when Hopkins visited the Eagles training center in 2004. Never one to let go of a grudge… »5/25/11 12:05pm5/25/11 12:05pm

Bernard Hopkins Promotes Upcoming Fight By Calling Donovan McNabb A House Negro

Not long ago, HBO aired a promo for Bernard Hopkins vs. Jean Pascal in which the brassy tongued Hopkins verbally mauled his Haitian opponent. Unfortunately, HBO wasn't present when Hopkins lost his mind yesterday and voiced some astounding opinions about Donovan McNabb. Good thing Hopkins voiced them in front of… »5/11/11 3:00pm5/11/11 3:00pm

Spanking Young Deers: Bernard Hopkins Still The Undisputed Champion Of Trash Talk

HBO is on to a pretty great idea here. Take two fighters — one of them a curmudgeonly ex-con in a periwinkle sweater vest — have them sit backward in chairs like The Fonz, and let them go at it with only skinny suited Max Kellerman to intervene should the sparring proceed from verbal to fistic. Bernard Hopkins might… »5/05/11 12:40pm5/05/11 12:40pm