Listen To A Possibly Shitfaced Bernie Kosar Ramble On A Cleveland Radio Show

Former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar appeared on 850 WKNR, Cleveland's ESPN affiliate, this week for his regular spot on "The Hooligans" show. The segment had to be cut short, unfortunately, because Kosar sounded like he was completely wasted. Initially the two hosts laughed, thinking Kosar was playing around.… »12/06/12 1:50pm12/06/12 1:50pm

The Feds Are After Bernie Kosar But, More Importantly, So Is His Chef

For $228,806 in unpaid taxes »8/06/08 5:15pm8/06/08 5:15pm. For his part Kosar claims the bills got lost in the mail after his divorce from wife, Babette, led to a new address. Has any marriage to a woman named Babette not ended in divorce? We linked this in blogdome but that was before Kosar added a chef to his enemy list. Yep, Kosar is also…