The Mets' Owners Have Reached A Settlement With The Bernie Madoff Bankruptcy Trustee

The federal trial was supposed to begin this morning, but Richard Sandomir of The New York Times tweeted that the Wilpons and Saul Katz have instead reached a settlement that will cost them $162 million. Irving Picard, the trustee representing the victims of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, had been seeking $303 million. »3/19/12 10:10am3/19/12 10:10am

Mets' New Owner Is Poker Whiz, Dave Kingman Impersonator, Ball-Busting Wall Street Turk

The cash-strapped Mets are in talks to sell a minority stake in the team to hedge fund manager David Einhorn for $200 million. Normally, minority shareholders aren't news, but these Mets aren't in a normal situation. With more than a billion dollars at stake in the Bernie Madoff lawsuit, the team hemorrhaging money to… »5/26/11 12:30pm5/26/11 12:30pm

Mets Owners Max Out MLB's Credit Line, Start Putting Stuff On Their Mom's Neiman Marcus Card

It's official, everybody: the Mets are broke. Wait, you knew that already. But now they're officially really, really broke. They're so broke, they just put all their CDs and VHS tapes up for auction. Where else will you find Jungle 2 Jungle and its soundtrack in one place, both lightly used? Well, Bud Selig must… »2/25/11 7:05pm2/25/11 7:05pm