This Is What Happens When You Bet On The Maple Leafs

That fellow up there is Josh Lewis, the sports editor for the Estevan Mercury, in Estevan, Saskatchewan. Josh is a big Leafs fan. Big enough to think they would beat Boston. Big enough to wager a walk of shame on it, complete with sandwich board. » 5/17/13 5:34pm 5/17/13 5:34pm

We All Should Have Placed Bets On Rory McIlroy A Decade Ago

An anonymous Belfast man just cashed in a bet he placed on a young Rory McIlroy over ten years ago. The original wager, for £50 (Google calculates that to be about $72), predicted that McIlroy would win one of the four major golf titles before he turned 25 years old. The kid from Holywood won the US Open by eight… » 6/21/11 2:10pm 6/21/11 2:10pm

Chicago's Marty Turco Uses Bench Time To Place Bets With Fans, Write…

Marty Turco signed a one-year contract with Chicago last summer and expected to start in net for the Blackhawks. But for much of the season, he's served as Corey Crawford's back-up and has gotten well-acquainted with the pine. He hasn't started a game since Feb. 11. So Turco's now looking for new sources of… » 4/06/11 12:15pm 4/06/11 12:15pm