Oregon Fan Gets Ohio State Tattoo To Settle Bet; Looks Sad About It

I want to call this dude a poor, unlucky bastard, but he didn't have to go and make that bet. Maintained his honor, though: » 1/21/15 4:15pm 1/21/15 4:15pm

Michael Sam Bailed A Fan Out On An Unpayable Twitter Bet

Michael Sam sacked Johnny Manziel on Saturday. It was all very exciting. Sam did the "money" thing and everything. And, through a roundabout fashion, a bad-idea Twitter bet turned into a donation to a good charity. Everybody won. » 8/25/14 11:00am 8/25/14 11:00am

Luis Suárez Bites A Guy And Gamblers Rejoice

A reputation is firmly in place when you can place a bet based on it. Luis Suárez is now a more notorious biter than Mike Tyson, and before he was even able to snack on Giorgio Chiellini, people with serious gambling problems could wager whether or not he would bite someone in this World Cup. Several such addicts took… » 6/24/14 8:11pm 6/24/14 8:11pm

Kevin Durant And The Game Have Settled Their Beef

It looks like Kevin Durant is back to feuding with just one rapper. The Game has taken to his Instagram page and explained that it was just a simple miscommunication that led him to call out Durant for ducking a $20,000 bet, thus starting the hottest beef of the week. (This beef was real hot). » 6/12/14 11:06am 6/12/14 11:06am

Kevin Durant Now Feuding With Rappers Full-Time

Still reeling from the effects of the Based God's curse, you would think Kevin Durant would know better than to go around drawing the ire of hip-hop provocateurs. That's what he appears to have done, though, after allegedly refusing to honor a $20,000 bet with The Game. » 6/11/14 12:36pm 6/11/14 12:36pm

Roddy White Promised A Fan Season Tickets If Duke Lost. Uh, Roddy?

Roddy White had Duke going all the way in this year's NCAA Tournament. Dylan Hoyt begged to differ. White tweeted something he probably regrets. » 3/21/14 4:35pm 3/21/14 4:35pm

This Is What Happens When You Bet On The Maple Leafs

That fellow up there is Josh Lewis, the sports editor for the Estevan Mercury, in Estevan, Saskatchewan. Josh is a big Leafs fan. Big enough to think they would beat Boston. Big enough to wager a walk of shame on it, complete with sandwich board. » 5/17/13 5:34pm 5/17/13 5:34pm

We All Should Have Placed Bets On Rory McIlroy A Decade Ago

An anonymous Belfast man just cashed in a bet he placed on a young Rory McIlroy over ten years ago. The original wager, for £50 (Google calculates that to be about $72), predicted that McIlroy would win one of the four major golf titles before he turned 25 years old. The kid from Holywood won the US Open by eight… » 6/21/11 2:10pm 6/21/11 2:10pm

Chicago's Marty Turco Uses Bench Time To Place Bets With Fans, Write…

Marty Turco signed a one-year contract with Chicago last summer and expected to start in net for the Blackhawks. But for much of the season, he's served as Corey Crawford's back-up and has gotten well-acquainted with the pine. He hasn't started a game since Feb. 11. So Turco's now looking for new sources of… » 4/06/11 12:15pm 4/06/11 12:15pm