Texas Avenges Their Sick Bovine Mascot, Shocks Oklahoma

The run-in to this week’s rivalry game against Oklahoma did not go well for Texas. First, Charlie Strong called social media “the downfall of society” in response to Kris Boyd tweeting about transferring during halftime. Then, his team kind of proved him right and got into some public squabbling about commitment.… »10/10/15 3:50pm10/10/15 3:50pm


Forbes's 2012 List Of The Most Valuable Teams In College Football Reads A Lot Like The 1936 AP Poll

Forbes's latest best guess at the most valuable college football programs is out, and if you're a Texas fan, congratulations: Your slavering devotion to the Death Star of the Big 12 has paid off once again. You're number one! Granted, you're in the "also receiving votes" category in the AP's poll of on-the-field… »12/22/12 3:25pm12/22/12 3:25pm