Porn Star (And Official Gronk Friend) Bibi Jones Emotionally Announces…

Two days ago, we learned that the Patriots were requesting that all things Gronktastic kindly come down a notch or 10. Now, we get word that 20-year-old porn star Bibi Jones, made famous by her now-infamous midseason pose with the Gronk himself last October, is bidding a tearful and emotional good-bye to the adult… » 7/18/12 12:30am 7/18/12 12:30am

Rob Gronkowski's Brother Goes As Rob Gronkowski For Halloween

Earlier today, Rob Gronkowski's younger brother, Glenn, tweeted a picture of his Halloween costume. Oh, those crazy younger brothers. He's a college student, at Kansas State, so this costume actually fits his budget perfectly. No Shirt, and a jersey from his brother. The whole thing is priceless. We expect an apology » 10/30/11 5:30pm 10/30/11 5:30pm

Rob Gronkowski, Hanging Out With Porn Star Bibi Jones, Looks Like He's…

The Patriots don't play this weekend, and Bill Belichick's authoritarian grip on his players is apparently taking some in-season time off, too. Gronkowksi, the Patriots' rookie second-year tight end, reportedly went back to Arizona (where he played in college) to unwind, and by all indications he's having a swell… » 10/23/11 12:40pm 10/23/11 12:40pm