Video: Art Briles Confronts Bob Bowlsby Over Big 12 "Co-Champs" Snub

Reader Alex L. sends along video he shot of Baylor coach Art Briles confronting Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby following the Bears' win over Kansas State on Friday. Briles said he was angry at the conference's insistence on co-champions—something he (accurately) predicted would strand Baylor on the outside of the… » 12/08/14 12:25pm 12/08/14 12:25pm

Big 12 Announces There Could Be Two "One True Champions"

Since it's believed the College Football Playoff selection committee will reward teams for winning conference championships, knots in the Big 12's undies tightened because the Big 12's highest rated team, No. 5 TCU, doesn't control its own destiny in winning the conference's championship. Afraid it might get left out… » 12/02/14 2:08pm 12/02/14 2:08pm

Iowa State A.D. Is Madder Than Hell About Big 12 Officiating

Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard gave a bizarre press conference today. With Cyclones' head coach Paul Rhoads standing a few feet away, Pollard goes after Big 12 refs for costing Iowa State football games. The Cyclones fell to 1-4 today after a loss to Oklahoma State. One particular play may stand out to… » 10/04/14 4:55pm 10/04/14 4:55pm

Kliff Kingsbury Morphing Into Charlie Weis Is Quite Disturbing

The Big 12 has a commercial with some of the conference's coaches morphing into each other, and that's how we get Kliff Kingsbury turning into Charlie Weis. This transformation can actually happen if Kingsbury screws up every major decision in his future. Don't do that, Kliff. You're too handsome to ever coach Kansas. » 8/31/14 2:35pm 8/31/14 2:35pm

Big 12 Commish Is Full Of Shit About Pay-For-Play Killing The Olympics

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby spoke to reporters during a press conference this morning, and spent a good deal of time painting a bleak picture of the future of college sports. What does Bowlsby see on the horizon, in a post-O'Bannon world? Athletes unionizing! Massive program cuts! The death of the Olympics! » 7/21/14 12:40pm 7/21/14 12:40pm

The Big Ten Is On The Move: Updating Our Conference Realignment Maps!

When we last checked in a month ago, it seemed the dust was finally settling after a period of bizarre college football reafuckinglignment. Pretty much everyone had made major moves except the Big Ten, a distinctly Midwestern conference that seemed happy to pretty much stay put. » 11/28/12 12:45pm 11/28/12 12:45pm

Reports: The Big Ten Wants Maryland And Rutgers

Pat Forde and ESPN are reporting that serious talks are afoot to fold Maryland and Rutgers into the Big Ten. Not only would that create a 14-member conference that'd surely be the biggest Ten in the world, it would reopen the scabby wound of major conference realignment. The ACC, the Terps' current home, would be… » 11/17/12 6:58pm 11/17/12 6:58pm

Texas A&M Picked Up Two National Championships, Two Conference Titles…

You're looking at two photos of Texas A&M's Kyle Field, both via Rant Sports. The top was taken last season, the bottom snapped just this week. Pretend this is one of those "spot the differences" bar games, and see if you can tell what's new. Yep, the Aggies' history managed to get a lot more storied over the… » 9/07/12 1:25pm 9/07/12 1:25pm

ESPN Spokesman Comments On ESPN Spokesman's No-Comment On ESPN's Big 12…

This morning, the Big 12 Conference officially announced a 13-year media deal shared between ABC/ESPN and Fox. But the news had already been reported earlier, yesterday afternoon, by college football reporter Brett McMurphy. That meant, given ESPN's attempts to keep its programming and editorial departments… » 9/07/12 11:50am 9/07/12 11:50am

Big 12, SEC Join Forces For Transparently Money-Grubbing New Year's Day…

It's been a busy offseason for the Big 12 and the SEC. Both added two new teams to their conferences—the Big 12 replaced Texas A&M and Missouri, who defected to the SEC, with TCU and West Virginia—and their commissioners, Chuck Neinas and Mike Slive, shilled for the new four-team playoff that will follow the 2014… » 5/18/12 3:45pm 5/18/12 3:45pm

The Big 12 Is Like West Virginia's Wealthy Uncle

West Virginia was all "Fuck you, Big East," and the Big East kept saying, "Not so fast, young man," but now WVU has agreed to pay $20 million to the Big East to be able to leave in time for football season, with the Big 12 agreeing to cover half of that in the form of a loan, part of which will be forgiven. The Big… » 2/14/12 12:15pm 2/14/12 12:15pm

More Proof That West Virginia Doesn't Give A Shit About Leaving The Big…

It's true that WVU had filed suit first, arguing that the Big East is no longer really the Big East, which is why the school plans to join the Big 12 as soon as next year. Taken together, those moves were seen as a middle finger to the Big East's mandatory 27-month grace period for exiting. But now, to judge by this… » 11/23/11 5:40pm 11/23/11 5:40pm