Oklahoma State Fans Storm Field Following Big 12 Championship Win, Two In Critical Condition

It was an exuberant display, and you can hear the announcer really trying (and absolutely failing) to cement the moment for us: "Happy, happy, happy day!" Unfortunately, officials are reporting that 13 revelers were injured as students stormed the field and tore down the goal posts. According to Michael Authement,… »12/04/11 12:00pm12/04/11 12:00pm


College Football Preview: Why Conference Championships Suck Edition

Of all the ridiculous aspects of the BCS system, the conference championship game pisses me off more than any other because it points out the flagrant hypocrisy of the college presidents. In the same time period when they've fought a college football playoff because of the time it would add to the season, they've… »12/05/08 1:00pm12/05/08 1:00pm