Why Is Everyone Eulogizing The Big East Tournament? It's Not Going Anywhere.

Here we go again. This week's Big East tournament, we're being told, will be the last of its kind. The league is being torn asunder in this new, mutable world of college athletics in which money, suddenly, is a priority. It's a shame and a sin, the eulogies say, with the wistful, shattered air of a tribute to a… »3/12/13 5:17pm3/12/13 5:17pm


Boise State Is Boning The Big East Before Their First Date

Never mind that it's located some 2,700 miles from the league office in Providence, R.I.: Boise State decided last year that it was all set to join the Big East for football next year. The move lacked geographic sense, but it made perfect football sense because it gave the upstart Broncos a place at the BCS trough »12/31/12 4:15pm12/31/12 4:15pm

By Adding Tulane And East Carolina, The Big East's Takeover Of Conference USA Is Almost Complete

Oh, look: The Big East is adding teams again, because why not? West Virginia already bolted, Pitt and Syracuse will be gone next year, and Rutgers the year after that (if not sooner). What better solution, then, than to add Tulane for all sports and East Carolina for football? »11/27/12 1:00pm11/27/12 1:00pm