That Craigslist Ad Offering People $75 To Attend The Big Ten Championship Game Was A Hoax

Spencer Hall, who had gotten hold of a response from the hoaxster and initially thought it could be legit, ended up getting to the bottom of it: "The funniest thing was all the damn Spartan and Badger fans who crawled out of the woodwork. Can't be bothered to drive 3 / 6 hours for their team and buy a cheapass 20…


There's A Good Reason Somebody's Trying To Hire Seat-Fillers For The Big Ten Championship Game [UPDATE]

The portion of Lucas Oil Stadium highlighted in the above image is Section 113. Situated at the 50 yard line on the far side of the field, it contains the most prominent (from a television perspective) seats in the entire facility for the upcoming Big Ten Championship game between Wisconsin and Michigan State.