TV Wrestling Analyst, On Iowa-Rutgers Being A Great Meet: "No Shit"

Rutgers hosted top-ranked Iowa in its first-ever Big Ten wrestling dual meet last night, and got steamrolled. The historic event did manage to break Scarlet Knights attendance records, though, and it earned a live broadcast on BTN—where analyst Jim Gibbons launched some of the best casual profanity we've seen in… »1/03/15 1:34pm1/03/15 1:34pm


Big Ten Network's New College Football Analyst Moonlights As A Faith Healer

J Leman starred at linebacker for the University of Illinois and followed his college career up with a forgettable one of years spent between NFL practice squads and the UFL. His experiences as a player and student-athlete certainly made him of interest to networks broadcasting football, and sure enough Big Ten… »7/26/12 4:30pm7/26/12 4:30pm