Dude With Some Type Of Camera On His Head Gets Robbed At Gunpoint

A South African man recently strapped a camera on his head before heading out for a leisurely bike ride. While on this bike ride, the dude with a camera on his head was held up by three gun-wielding thugs who stole everything he had on him, save for the camera that he had for some reason strapped to his head. » 6/04/14 6:19pm 6/04/14 6:19pm

Who Wants To See A Guy Kickflip His Bike?

This impressive trick from Estonia's Ingvar Neumann seems to officially be called the lateral bike flip, although we've seen it referred to as the "Neu Flip," or, in Neumann's words, the "HD." ("For Heavy Drug, High Definition and Happy Day.") Whatever, it's a kick flip on a freaking bicycle, and it's never been… » 3/25/11 10:35am 3/25/11 10:35am

Watch A Single Hill Completely Wreck A Steady Stream Of Bikers

BUCS (the British Universities and Colleges Sport) held their championships last week, and our favorite sport was the cross country mountain biking. Someone was kind enough to put together a compilation of the best wipeouts on the same downhill section, and we can't top their word choice: carnage. » 3/21/11 1:15pm 3/21/11 1:15pm

We're Only 99 44/100ths Percent Pure, Ourselves

The woman on the left in this photo is Danika Schroeter. She finished second in the Canadian downhill mountain biking championships last week, finishing just one second behind Michelle Dumaresq. Dumaresq is the woman in the middle. The lady on the right ... we don't know who the lady on the right is. She's not really… » 8/16/06 6:45pm 8/16/06 6:45pm