Former Columnist And Accused Child Molester Bill Conlin "Enjoying His Retirement" At Undisclosed Location, His Lawyer Says

Bill Conlin's long career as a sports columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News came to a sudden end last December when three women and a man told the Philadelphia Inquirer he had molested them as children. Authorities determined the allegations against him were credible, but that the incidents were beyond the statute… »8/17/12 1:35pm8/17/12 1:35pm


The BBWAA's Internal Explanation Of Its Initial Statement About Bill Conlin Says A Lot About The BBWAA

We told you yesterday how the Baseball Writers' Association of America had to revise its initial statement about the accusations made against Bill Conlin, after the original one affirmed Conlin's "good standing" as a Baseball Writer and forgot to express any sympathy toward the alleged victims or any sense that the… »12/22/11 1:05pm12/22/11 1:05pm

The BBWAA Tries Again With A Bill Conlin Statement, This Time Acknowledging That Child Molestation Claims Are Bad

When the allegations about Bill Conlin came out yesterday, America quickly turned its eyes to the Baseball Writers Association of America. Because we're dumb, you see, and wanted to hear from the secret club of baseball writers who annually send up smoke signals from Cooperstown. The BBWAA also gives a… »12/21/11 1:35pm12/21/11 1:35pm

Legendary Columnist Bill Conlin Resigns Over Forthcoming Philly Inquirer Bombshell [UPDATE]

The Philadelphia Inquirer's top investigative reporter, Nancy Phillips, has written a story containing what we're told are allegations of child molestation against sportswriter Bill Conlin, a longtime columnist at the rival Daily News. Conlin resigned just moments ago, according to a source at the Daily News. »12/20/11 1:26pm12/20/11 1:26pm