Lacrosse Player Taken Down By Series Of Uppercuts

Damn, the guy with the ponytail really wanted to scrap here, didn't he? Bill O'Brien (what a great Irish Catholic-sounding enforcer name) runs after the Rochester player, rips off his helmet, pummels the shit out of him with a series of uppercuts, and still tries to fight after he gets knocked to the ground. » 2/17/15 12:11am 2/17/15 12:11am

Bill O'Brien Told Reporter He Was Leaving Penn State A Month Ago

Bill O'Brien is now (unofficially) officially leaving Penn State for the Houston Texans. The AP reports that two sources have said O'Brien reached an agreement with Houston, "the worst team in the NFL," Tuesday night. With the news that he'll no longer be at Penn State, one reporter divulged some fiery conversations… » 1/01/14 12:26pm 1/01/14 12:26pm

Bill O'Brien, Penn State Trustees Hold Private Meeting In Plain Sight

Penn State football coach Bill O'Brien wants the university to consider a proposal to ask the NCAA to modify the heavy sanctions against Nittany Lions. O'Brien also considers lawsuits like the ones filed by Pennsylvania's governor, a state senator, and the Paterno family to be detrimental to that cause. This is all… » 7/12/13 4:45pm 7/12/13 4:45pm

Here's Penn State Coach Bill O'Brien Doing An Impression Of His Mother

Bill O'Brien just concluded a stand-up routine coaches' caravan tour around Pennsylvania. Yesterday, he addressed whether he said "fuckers" or "fighters" on live TV after the Nittany Lions' season-ending win against Wisconsin. Turns out even his mother thought it might not have been "fighters." » 5/10/13 2:55pm 5/10/13 2:55pm

Bill O'Brien Is Staying Put At Penn State: "I'm Not A One-And-Done Guy"

Looks like Bill O'Brien isn't going anywhere after all. Mere minutes after Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel dropped a nice little scoop that school officials would be putting forth an extra push to keep O'Brien at the school (and that he was strongly considering doing so), CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora (who kind of … » 1/03/13 9:55pm 1/03/13 9:55pm

Did Penn State Coach Bill O'Brien Call His Team "A Bunch Of Fuckers" In His Post-Game Interview?

Penn State closed out a difficult season with a memorable overtime win against Wisconsin, and a choked-up Bill O'Brien spoke fondly of his team in the post-game interview on ESPN2. Unfortunately, it sounds a lot like he called them "a bunch of fuckers," though personally I think he says "fighters." Most of you seem… » 11/24/12 7:14pm 11/24/12 7:14pm

Joe Paterno's Son Will Not Coach At Penn State Next Year

After 17 years spent working under his father, Joe, Jay Paterno confirmed today that he will not be a part of Bill O'Brien's coaching staff in Happy Valley next season. The younger Paterno said he and O'Brien spoke together and "reached the conclusion" that Jay would move on. Sounds peaceful! [AP, Jay Paterno's Blog] » 1/10/12 5:55pm 1/10/12 5:55pm

LaVar Arrington Is More Upset Penn State Didn't Consult Him Before Hiring A New Coach Than He Was About Penn State Covering Up Child-Rape Allegations

After unleashing a series of venomous tweets last evening in which he declared himself to be "done" with the "corrupt, disgusting" entity that is Penn State University, former Nittany Lion linebacker LaVar Arrington attempted to backtrack today during his radio program on DC's 106.7 "The Fan." » 1/06/12 3:45pm 1/06/12 3:45pm

I-Team: Why Does New Penn State Coach Bill O'Brien Have A Hole In His Chin?

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien agreed last night to take the head coaching job at Penn State. O'Brien, like Joe Paterno, graduated from Brown and has since coached at Georgia Tech, Maryland, and Duke. He's never before had a head coaching job and ran the Patriots' offense for only one year.… » 1/06/12 1:10pm 1/06/12 1:10pm

Here's Tom Brady's Bitchfest With An Assistant Coach

Up a touchdown late in the Patriots' battle in Washington, Tom Brady threw an interception in the Redskins' end zone then threw a tantrum on his own sideline with New England assistant coach Bill O'Brien. The two eventually had to be separated, though CBS analyst Dan Dierdorf would have you think this sort of thing… » 12/11/11 4:14pm 12/11/11 4:14pm