Bill Parcells Used To Have Drew Bledsoe Fetch Drinks For Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa's gawt a hazing storee for ya in the video above, uh-kay. It dates back to 1993, when Drew Bledsoe was a big-shot rookie with the Patriots. Francesa only took paht beccause it's what Pahcells wanted. But it was hahmless, uh-kay. And now one is left to wonder what Francesa would do with all that… »11/13/13 3:26pm11/13/13 3:26pm

Sad: Mike Francesa And Bill Parcells Aren't Buddies Anymore

Whenever Mike Francesa goes on one of his unhinged screeds about Rex Ryan—the ones in which he bloviates about "classlessness" and buffoonery—I imagine Bill Parcells whispering huskily in Francesa's ear: He can coach defense, sure, but that's not what a head coach does, OK? Francesa and Parcells are famously good… »7/31/13 1:08pm7/31/13 1:08pm

Pro Football Hall Of Fame Calls Up Sapp, Parcells, Ogden, Allen and Carter

The NFL's next Hall of Fame class, just announced, has a few dudes the TV made famous. There's Bill Parcells, who made a coaching career of winning two Super Bowls with the Giants and then convincing other teams believe he might ever do it again; Cris* Carter, who just proved that even Jerry Rice Lite was Hall of Fame… »2/02/13 7:24pm2/02/13 7:24pm

Sean Payton Asks Bill Parcells To Coach The Saints For A Year

ESPN reports that Sean Payton has floated the idea that Bill Parcells could be the Saints' placeholder coach while Payton serves his one-year suspension. Parcells is something of a mentor to Payton, so the two have been talking a lot recently, with Payton needing a big Tuna-y shoulder to cry on. But football makes for… »3/26/12 1:25pm3/26/12 1:25pm