Something Very Weird Happened During ESPN's Interview With Bill Polian

Former NFL executive Bill Polian was brought onto SportsCenter this morning to give some insight into the NFL's bungling of the Ray Rice situation. He was specifically asked if he, as someone who has worked in the NFL office, thought it was possible for an NFL executive to have obtained a copy of the tape showing… »9/11/14 2:51pm9/11/14 2:51pm


Bill Polian, Television Personality, Found Himself Surprised To Be On TV Yesterday

Veteran NFL executive Bill Polian has found new life in ESPN's arms as a pro football analyst, and he's part of the Bristol diaspora that's found its way to Indianapolis for the pro football combine that gets underway tomorrow. I don't know if it's possible to suffer jetlag without changing time zones, but it looks… »2/22/13 3:20pm2/22/13 3:20pm