Kansas Coach Bill Self Takes 32-Point Beatdown With Humor

Bill Self's Kansas Jayhawks were the fifth ranked team in the country going into Tuesday night's matchup against Kentucky, but they won't be for much longer after getting whooped 72-40. Kentucky is most people's preseason pick to be the NCAA Champion, and they certainly looked the part as their length on defense… »11/19/14 1:39am11/19/14 1:39am

How A Clever Kansas Play Went Viral And Took Over College Basketball

Kansas was on the ropes. Down five against Stanford with 21.5 seconds remaining, it appeared the Jayhawks would fail to make the second weekend of the NCAA tournament for the fourth time under coach Bill Self. This being March, though, a month where games aren't over until there has been a buzzer beater or an official… »4/07/14 5:54pm4/07/14 5:54pm

After Loss To Kansas, Angry Iowa State Fan Rushes Court, Tries To Confront Bill Self

According to various accounts from the end of Kansas's 108-96 overtime win over Iowa State, a fan attempted to rush the court and confront Kansas head coach Bill Self. The game was already mildly controversial after a puzzling block or charge no-call on an Elijah Johnson drive in the final seconds of regulation. It… »2/26/13 2:27am2/26/13 2:27am

Kansas Has The Only Female Strength And Conditioning Coach In Men's Division I Basketball

Andrea Hudy is her name and, according to (former Deadspin Bentern) Ben Cohen's nice profile in the Wall Street Journal, she is believed to be Division I's only strength and conditioning coach who is simultaneously female. Hudy began her career at UConn, where she worked with both the men's and women's basketball »3/31/12 5:45pm3/31/12 5:45pm