An Exclusive Interview With Tommy Craggs About The Bill Simmons "Grantland" Project

Approximately one month ago, Deadspin Senior Editor Tommy Craggs was approached by several fine folks involved in Bill Simmons' then unnamed editorial project, which we now know, thanks to Richard Deitsch's Twitter account, is called Grantland. ESPN issued a press release soon after that report and confirmed that… »4/28/11 7:45pm4/28/11 7:45pm

Katie Baker Has Been Poached By Bill Simmons For His Forthcoming Editorial Project

Our great friend and part-time contributor (even though everyone who worked here considered her full-time), has decided to leave the lush life of freelance writing while praying her day job co-workers at The Prominent Money Managing Vampire Squid would not find out its Katie Baker was the same as that Katie Baker.… »2/16/11 12:00pm2/16/11 12:00pm