Nike Has Their Own Air Force And Futuristic Air Base

Nike likes to say “Just Do It,” and when you look at all the crazy stuff the sportswear giant does, it may be more than just an empty slogan. If designers need input from athletes on new shoes, they prototype it with 3D printers. They test speed suits for Olympians in wind tunnels for 1,000 hours. And when they need… »7/07/15 8:31pm7/07/15 8:31pm


For the Cubbies, Mark Cuban Is Ready to Put a Billion Where His Mouth Is

Mark Cuban has never shied away from spending money. Take for instance, his recent arbitration case against former Dallas Mavs coach Don Nelson. Cubes lost out on $6.3 million but insisted that he was pleased with the outcome because the truth about Nelson apparently came out during the proceedings. That, friends, is… »8/03/08 5:30pm8/03/08 5:30pm