25 Years After Run With Providence, Rick Pitino And Billy Donovan…

The built-in storyline for this afternoon's Louisville-Florida game is the connection between the two head coaches. In 1987, Rick Pitino coached a Providence team, lead by point guard Billy Donovan, to the Final Four by exploiting the new rules-change that created the three-point shot. There are several stories » 3/24/12 3:37pm 3/24/12 3:37pm

Listen To These Florida Basketball Players Woozily Plot How To Get Out …

Two basketball players from the University of Florida — freshman Cody Larson, 18, and sophomore Erik Murphy, 19 — were charged with breaking into a car early Sunday morning. Team manager Joshua Adel was charged with principal to burglary for acting as a lookout as the two followed up on a failed attempt to shake down… » 4/13/11 5:15pm 4/13/11 5:15pm

The Florida Basketball Team Has No Comment On Premarital Sex

A reporter for the Orlando Sentinel attended the Florida Gators' press conference yesterday to ask Billy Donovan and Chandler Parsons about premarital sex, and then he wrote nearly 800 words about how the BYU honor code "lifted college athletics up." Donovan passed on the question — "How hard would it be to recruit to… » 3/24/11 12:30pm 3/24/11 12:30pm

Baseball Fans Search For Loopholes On Billy Donovan Night

We are not here to mock you, Billy Donovan. Yes, you backed out of your $27.5 million deal to coach the Orlando Magic; but we feel your pain. Steve Spurrier feels your pain. Homer and Ned feel your pain. And the Fort Myers Miracle minor league baseball team, they ... well, OK, they're here to mock you. As you might… » 6/14/07 11:45am 6/14/07 11:45am

Dick Vitale, Not Surprisingly, Can't Figure Out His Phone

It is perhaps not surprising that MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER Dick Vitale would have trouble using basic cellular technology, but it is surprising that Vitale might actually say something off-camera that could be construed as "controversial." Or, for that matter, that he would say anything; we always assumed they just pushed a… » 2/27/07 11:45am 2/27/07 11:45am