Basketball Players Spent Their Wild And Crazy All-Star Saturday Meeting For Three And A Half Hours And Voting To Dismiss Their Union Director

Wojnarowski reports that Billy Hunter's dismissal, widely presumed to be an inevitability after the myriad scandals that recently punctured his cocoon of power, was voted on and affirmed by a group of NBA players this afternoon. A bit more on the meeting that sealed his fate once and for all: »2/16/13 5:35pm2/16/13 5:35pm


NBA Players Association Tells Its Corrupt Boss To Go Away

NBAPA head Billy Hunter, lately revealed to the general public to be a nepotism-loving, watch-gifting union boss in the Tammany style, is on indefinite leave as of yesterday. The NBAPA hired outside counsel, likely in advance of an attempt to oust Hunter permanently, while Hunter declared the NBAPA's actions against… »2/02/13 11:30am2/02/13 11:30am

NBA Players Association Head Billy Hunter Once Used $22,000 Of Union Funds To Buy Derek Fisher A Watch

The NBAPA's board recently commissioned a independent review of the record of noted nepotism-abuser Billy Hunter, who has been union head for 16 years. Though the review found that his actions fell short of illegality, it did reveal a few odd pieces of information about the judgment of Hunter, the man that guided the… »1/20/13 2:48pm1/20/13 2:48pm

The NBA Releases A Video Demonstrating The Seven Illegal Flops That Will Get Players Fined This Season

The NBA released a video yesterday of all the flops that they officially consider flops now that the NBA is officially considering flops. It has a weird narrator who uses unnecessarily colorful language, which is great. We get a "grossly embellished fall to the floor" from Reggie Evans, an "over-embellished reaction… »10/06/12 3:05pm10/06/12 3:05pm

Report: Billy Hunter Moves To Push Derek Fisher Out As Union President

Can't say this one comes as much of a surprise, but NBA Players Association honcho Billy Hunter has finally started his move to force out union president Derek Fisher, a guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, after five years on the job. Theoretically, Fisher has two years remaining in his role as union president, but… »4/20/12 12:10am4/20/12 12:10am

Instead Of Watching Basketball, Let's Read One Of The NBA Players' Antitrust Lawsuits

Two separate groups representing NBA players filed antitrust lawsuits against the NBA yesterday—one, filed by the trade association's carefully selected legal team in California, has five plaintiffs including Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant; the other names players Ben Gordon, Anthony Tolliver, Derrick Williams and… »11/16/11 1:15pm11/16/11 1:15pm

The Website For NBA Players Association Now Reads "Error 404: Basketball Not Found"

Of course, it's not representative of a real computer error; just a human failure to make a labor agreement that would provide professional basketball to a fan base that is growing more and more impatient and resigned to the fact that we may, very well, be without a season this year. Thus: »11/14/11 8:35pm11/14/11 8:35pm

NBA Talks Break Off; Players Will Disband Union; Everything Is Awful

Billy Hunter says the players have rejected the league's latest offer, which he called "extremely unfair," and says the association is "prepared to file antitrust action against the NBA." They're also beginning the process of disbanding the union. From Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski [sic'd]: "The chances of losing the… »11/14/11 2:23pm11/14/11 2:23pm

Bill Clinton Cameoed At Today's Fruitless Lockout Negotiations

Let's take a brief respite from Penn State-related news to check in on the second-most miserable topic in today's sports coverage: the NBA lockout! If you've been following even from afar lately, you probably know that Bobcats owner Michael Jordan ruffled some feathers last week when he emerged as an outspoken… »11/08/11 7:20pm11/08/11 7:20pm