We'll All Go Down Together: Billy Joel Says Goodbye To Nassau Coliseum

It’s a little after six on a sultry Tuesday evening, and the Champions sports bar nestled inside the Long Island Marriott is packed with an unusual crowd. The walls are lined with memorabilia from the New York Islanders, who up until a few days ago called the crumbling Nassau Coliseum next door home; beneath the… »8/07/15 1:39pm8/07/15 1:39pm

Billy Joel And Rap: An Affair For The Ages

Here is an inclusive list of things rappers like to rap about: weed, money, luxury consumer goods, spending money on weed and luxury consumer goods, places they’ve visited that just so happen to rhyme with whatever they rapped about in the previous line, their exceptional prowess between the sheets, and Billy Joel.… »4/28/15 12:09pm4/28/15 12:09pm