We Improved A Billy Joel Song By Replacing Him With Jay-Z

We all know that Billy Joel sucks (especially lately), but as SB Nation's Spencer Hall recently noted, there's a portion of nearly every one of his songs that's really great. (You can usually blame Joel's rock-solid rhythm section of Liberty DeVitto and Doug Stegmeyer for that.) » 11/13/14 1:30pm 11/13/14 1:30pm

Dick Vitale Goes To Billy Joel Concert, Tweets Nearly Every Song Title

Sometimes Dick Vitale is just the best. Last night he went to a Billy Joel concert and live-tweeted the experience. Something you should know: Dick Vitale live-tweeting a Billy Joel concert is basically a stream of tweets with just the names of Billy Joel songs in all caps. » 1/18/14 12:35pm 1/18/14 12:35pm

Elaine's Was A Dump, Or The Grantland Fallacy

ESPN's Professional Southerner Wright Thompson used his space in Grantland to write a loving meditation on Elaine's, the now-defunct bad New York restaurant mainly known to people under 45 as a Billy Joel lyric. This made Thompson at least the third member of his little circle of sportswriting buddies to get misty… » 6/13/11 2:50pm 6/13/11 2:50pm

Billy Joel Hopefully Sober For National Anthem

So here's something we hadn't realized: Billy Joel is singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Though we are impressed that the NFL remains current and cutting edge with their selection of everyone's favorite rapidly decaying crooner, we are also curious about just how long it's gonna take him to sing it. Paul… » 1/29/07 3:15pm 1/29/07 3:15pm