NCAA Final Four Broadcaster, Archangel of Death, Billy Packer Axed from…

Now maybe everybody's least favorite grandpa will age. Jim Nantz will be paired with Clark Kellogg at the Final Four according to the Miami Herald This rumor had been floating around for quite some time and supposedly the final straw was Packer calling the North Carolina-Kansas regional final game over midway through… » 7/14/08 10:15am 7/14/08 10:15am

Examing Potential Targets Of Billy Packer's Rage

We're just minutes away from CBS's selection show, where Jim Nantz will tell you what lucky schools got an at-large tournament bid, and then Billy Packer will tell you why he hates them. Someone has to play the curmudgeon. Two years ago, St. Joe's earned the scorn, and last year, it was George Mason, among others from… » 3/11/07 6:55pm 3/11/07 6:55pm