Court Docs Allege Tony Bosch Spent MLB's Money On Strippers And Clubs

Two years after it was first broken, the Biogenesis saga in South Florida continues to reveal hilarious details about how Major League Baseball conducts business. The Miami New Times reports on the criminal case against Lazer Collazo, an associate of Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch, who is charged with recruiting minors… » 2/12/15 10:55pm 2/12/15 10:55pm

Report: Scott Boras Came Up With A Wacky PED Excuse For Manny Ramirez

Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch reportedly told DEA agents that agent Scott Boras discussed falsifying medical records and came up with a cover story to explain away client Manny Ramirez's 2009 failed drug test. That cover story? Mistaking testosterone cream for aftershave lotion, which is totally a thing that happens. » 11/14/14 4:43pm 11/14/14 4:43pm

MLB Tipped Off The Feds About Biogenesis

In its pursuit of PED-using players, MLB worked more closely with federal agents than anyone realized, according to new documents obtained by Newsday. They show that it was MLB that first informed the DEA about Biogenesis, even as the league sought to protect clinic owner Tony Bosch so his evidence could be used to… » 11/14/14 10:14am 11/14/14 10:14am

Police: MLB Knew Biogenesis Documents Were Stolen

In a lawsuit he has since withdrawn, Alex Rodriguez claimed MLB knowingly purchased stolen documents—a claim MLB has always denied. According to a police report obtained by Newsday, MLB was informed several times that the documents it was pursuing were stolen and that they were to contact police if they came across… » 5/11/14 12:53am 5/11/14 12:53am

A-Rod's "Bribe" Of Tony Bosch Doesn't Look Much Like A Bribe

Among the many claims made against Alex Rodriguez in a one-sided 60 Minutes segment was that Rodriguez had attempted to pay off Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch when Bosch decided to cooperate with MLB's investigation. The CBS broadcast presented it as fact, and MLB COO Rob Manfred outright called it a bribe. Well,… » 1/17/14 9:16am 1/17/14 9:16am

60 Minutes Presents The Case Against MLB

Not 36 hours after an arbitrator largely sided with MLB and pegged Alex Rodriguez's suspension at all of 2014, Bud Selig took a bizarre, televised victory lap. A double-length 60 Minutes segment that publicly (and for the very first time) laid out the evidence against A-Rod, featuring sit-down interviews with the… » 1/13/14 9:20am 1/13/14 9:20am

A-Rod Suspension: Where Does 162-Game Ban Come From?

With the news that Alex Rodriguez's 211-game suspension was reduced to 162 games by Fredric Horowitz, the independent arbitrator on MLB's three-person review panel, we are forced to once again ask where these numbers come from. Given the protocol outlined in the Joint Drug Agreement's PED section—50 games for a first… » 1/11/14 3:08pm 1/11/14 3:08pm

Report: A-Rod Suspended 162 Games, Will Continue Fight In Federal Court

Alex Rodriguez has been suspended 162 games and it comes as little surprise to anyone, including A-Rod. The suspension was reduced from the original 211 games handed down by Major League Baseball, but A-Rod is still unhappy and continues to blast Bud Selig and MLB's behavior in the Biogenesis investigation. » 1/11/14 12:06pm 1/11/14 12:06pm

MLB's Biogenesis Documents Are So, So Dirty

As more and more comes out about MLB's Biogenesis investigation, we're forced to conclude this whole thing is just an Elmore Leonard novel. After the arrest of a man accused of breaking into whistleblower Porter Fischer's car, here's where it now stands: MLB bought Biogenesis documents from a guy who got them from a… » 12/12/13 9:17am 12/12/13 9:17am

Alex Rodriguez's Suit Against MLB Is The Year's Best Baseball Reading

Late last night, Alex Rodriguez filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court, accusing MLB and Bud Selig (specifically named as a defendant) of, and I'm quoting, "improperly marshal[ing] evidence that they hope to use to destroy the reputation and career of Alex Rodriguez, one of the most accomplished Major… » 10/04/13 11:11am 10/04/13 11:11am

Here Is The Dumbest Paragraph You'll Ever Read About A-Rod

It's taken some time, but we've finally gotten there: the single dumbest thing you've ever read about Alex Rodriguez and the Biogenesis case. Our captain is Christopher Gasper at The Boston Globe. Our vessel is this column crucifying the "Pinstripe Pariah" for being allowed to play while he appeals his suspension. » 8/25/13 6:12pm 8/25/13 6:12pm