Giant Shrieking Raven Occupies Levi's Stadium, All Is Lost

The entire Western seaboard is being evacuated today, after an NHL webcam captured what appears to be an enormous bird the size of a football field interrupting the rink construction for Saturday's Kings-Sharks game. It is too late for humanity; surely the black death shall devour us all. Should the coal-winged… » 2/19/15 11:30am 2/19/15 11:30am

Dana Jacobson Delivers Entire Report While Holding Live Seahawk Mascot

We became familiar with Taima earlier this year when she decided to go hang out with some fans. Today the Seahawks' live bird mascot "helped" CBS Sports reporter Dana Jacobson while she delivered a four-minute live shot from CenturyLink Field. The bird very early on tried to escape, but a handler restored the hawk… » 1/18/15 1:17pm 1/18/15 1:17pm

Dozens Of Seagulls Straight Chillin' On The Pitch At Aussie Soccer Match

These are the highlights of Melbourne Victory's 2-0 win over Wellington Phoenix. More impressive than either goal scored is that the match continued on in the middle of a veritable bird storm, with dozens of gulls just walking on or flitting about the field and players like they owned the place. » 11/04/14 6:15pm 11/04/14 6:15pm

Heroic Ospreys Will Not Stop Building Nests on This Traffic Camera

The osprey, Pandion haliaetus, is a bird of character. The ancient poets knew this, and the Maryland Transportation Authority is discovering it the hard way. Last week, a pair of ospreys decided to build their nest on a platform overlooking the approach to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, where the MDTA keeps a traffic… » 4/22/14 1:25pm 4/22/14 1:25pm

You Know Spring Training Is Here When You Read Sentences Like "Denard…

There is no baseball, no real, meaningful baseball for another 44 days. But the dead zone of the sports calendar has quickened considerably by the advent of spring training. Camps in Arizona and Florida stir to life, as co-workers who haven't seen each other since September get back together for some stretching. » 2/15/13 3:20pm 2/15/13 3:20pm

Possibly Suicidal Pigeon Refuses To Leave Field During Chiefs-Raiders…

We don't know really know what the hell is going on with this pigeon, which crashed Sunday's Chiefs-Raiders game by landing right in the middle of the action and absolutely refusing to give a shit about the 22 large men that were stomping around it. Maybe the pigeon was sick and disoriented, or wounded and unable to… » 12/18/12 10:05am 12/18/12 10:05am

Fuck You, Pelicans Are Awesome: A Defense Of The NBA's Best New Team…

So it looks like the New Orleans Hornets are going to change their name to become the Pelicans. You look around, and there are a bunch of smartasses making fun of this new name. Oh, a pelican, that's intimidating, they sneer. Well, here's what's up. These people don't know anything about good team names, and they sure… » 12/06/12 3:55pm 12/06/12 3:55pm